Confessions of a bored blogger


If you’ve stumbled across my blog before now, you’re probably aware that I try to stick to a regular posting schedule of once a week. I aim for Saturday but sometimes that ends up being Sunday. I always figure as long as the post is there before Monday, we’re all good. And if you’ve stumbled across my blog before now, you’ve probably noticed that I haven’t posted for a couple of weeks. I wish I could say it’s for a really great reason, like I’ve been travelling and had amazing places to go. I wish I could even say that it’s because I’ve been waist deep in my novel, wading through a difficult or exciting section and it’s been going so great that I didn’t want to let my little blog get in the way. Neither would be true. Not even close.

When I decided to get this blog up and running it was with the aim of giving myself some authorly focus and building an audience so that when I do publish I’ll have someone out there already eager to read it (I hope!). I love writing and I felt that having the blog would give me a way to share some of that enthusiasm, because as an author, producing a finished product takes so damn long. And even when it’s written there’s still the publication battle waiting on the horizon. I followed some really great advice on blogging, and how to generate regular content, like having a posting schedule and rotating different topics each week or day etc. This might be a practice that works for other people, but I feel that it’s stifling my creativity and it’s taking the blog down a route I didn’t necessarily want to go. I find I’m generating a lot of advice based content and I don’t feel remotely qualified to be anyone’s teacher. I stopped doing hard research when I earned my degree and I don’t have time to give you the kind of depth of analysis you can find elsewhere on the internet. I’d be deceiving you if I carried on in this vain because I would just be regurgitating other people’s content. Worse than that, the blog is yet another minor distraction from my actual passion and main task: writing. If it isn’t serving any of the purposes I set out with and it’s a distraction, where’s the value? What’s the point?

So yeah, the main reason I haven’t posted the last two weeks is because I’m bored with my own blog and it just isn’t working for me.

But that doesn’t mean I want to abandon it.

So I’m going to try something else. Sometimes there will be advice that I want to share with you all, and when I find great resources or tools I’ll want to pass along my tips, but, in the main, I’m going to try and do more of this type of post where I meditate on the challenges of being a writer and a blogger, while still holding down a full time job and keeping my household functioning. I’m going to post about stuff I’ve watched on TV, or movies I’ve seen, and yes I will still write about books I’ve read. I’m going to aim for something more conversational and hopefully you’ll all find it a bit more interesting and so will I.

My blog is only about 7 months old, and there are only 24 posts up (this will be number 25), so I figure I’m still in my blog-infancy. Learning and developing is a good thing. Looking around at what others put out in the world, I can see there are a hundreds of different ways to approach a blog and if necessity is the mother of invention, trial and error is the father. So lets try this for a while and see how we get along.


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