Starting Over

Welcome, reader! You’ve found your way to the blog of KJ Middleton, future author (and maybe even screenwriter). For now, I’m simply your blog host. It can be lonely out here in the digital world so I appreciate your company. Please feel free to leave a comment and say hello. 😊

So this post is all about starting over.

This isn’t my first blog. It isn’t even my second. I previously used blogger but over time I’ve moved away from using a desktop pc; like a lot of people these days, I find myself using mobile devices more and more and to my disappointment blogger doesn’t play nice with my iPad. I’m surprised that creating a high quality app wasn’t Google’s top priority when it purchased the platform. But sadly it wasn’t. In fact, as far as I can tell, it isn’t anywhere on their list. C’est la vie. I’ve made the switch to WordPress, which has forced a new beginning.

Of course, being forced to start over can also be a good thing. It gives you the chance to start fresh and reinvigorate. There is also the benefit that having been around this block once or twice before, there are pitfalls I can hopefully avoid. One of the things I’m hoping to do better is to be clearer about my intent and to try and keep posts here relevant and interesting.

So what can you expect from me?

My intention is to post once a week on a Saturday. I’ll be mostly posting about writing and reading – sharing thoughts on what I’ve been reading, updates on my writing projects, great writing tips I’ve picked up over the years, and stuff I’ve come across during the week – I’ll also be sharing a little bit about me and my life that I think you might find interesting. I hope you enjoy the content and that you’ll check in regularly.

In between blog posts you can also find me on Twitter @kjm_writes, and on Facebook @Kjmiddleton.

Check in next week for my first ‘proper’ post. 🤓


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